Profil Pesantren

Prayer Poem

All praise belongs to Al-Hamid The Purest, who put his throne in the middle of nothingness, which is shrouded with secrecy secret hidden; Al-Muqtadir that All of Wills, Who unfurled bright glow during the night and rolled up in a blanket of black tapestry; Al-Mu’miin who ordered the spider made ​​a nest to protect his lover noblest among men; Al-Khaliq who created everything that exists in the universe by the word “Kun”, but then take the clay and shaping it fit the image of Ar-Rahman and then blew most of his spirit into the clay that makes it alive. Then He said, “Behold, I make a vicegerent on earth!”

Among the descendants of the first caliph, Al-Khaliq has put the chosen people, whose faith and bookish knowledge, a higher level than others. He also said, “Say! Is there cooperation between the people of knowledge with people who are not knowledgeable?” Then his messenger Prophet said, “The best man is a believer of knowledge, if it takes him useful. Needed and if not, he can take care of himself.”

Glorified, sanctified, glorified, and praised thy name by those who are knowledgeable, O Source of all sources of knowledge! Glory be! Blessed! You are Praiseworthy, O Rabb! O Lord of Lord!

Basic Principles of Teaching and Learning

Prophet Muhammad SAW said about the virtues of studying, “The advantage of the learned (‘alim) over those of worship (‘ abid) is as the excess of the full moon on the night of the stars blinking; One chapter of the knowledge learned someone was better for him than the world and its contents, so that studying becomes obligatory on every Muslim; attend assemblies knowledgeable people, more important than a thousand rak’ah prayers, visiting the sick and asked a ta’ziah thousand dead bodies; anyone studying a person’s death to revive Islam, between him and the Prophets in Paradise is just one level. “

Prophet Muhammad SAW said about the virtues of teaching science, “not given by God to someone knowledgeable on the science, but has taken his promise as he took to the Prophets, they will explain that knowledge to humans and will not hide it. that one’s got a clue because you are God, it’s better for you than the world and its contents; anyone studying a chapter of science to be taught to humans, then it abundantly reward like seventy wise man like Abu Bakr as-Siddhiq; whoever knows something of science, and hid , then by God he fitted bridle, with reins hellfire on Qiyamat; when a son of Adam dies, his deeds but gave up three things: jariyyah charity, beneficial knowledge, righteous children who pray for the parents. “

One day the Prophet Muhammad walked outside and saw two assemblies. Which one contains those who pray to Allah with eager hearts to Him. The other people who teach science to man. Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Those who pray to Allah, the Exalted, will be granted if the wills and will be rejected if it does not desire. While they are one chamber again, teach people, then know that I was sent to teach. “

Among the descendants of the first caliph, Al-Khaliq has put the chosen people, whose faith and bookish knowledge, a higher level than others. He also said, “Say! Is there cooperation between the people of knowledge with people who are not knowledgeable?” Then his messenger Rasul SAW said, “The best man is a believer of knowledge, if it takes him useful. Needed and if not, he can take care of himself.” Glorified, sanctified, glorified, and praised thy name by those who are knowledgeable, O Source of all sources of knowledge! Glory be! Blessed! You are Praiseworthy, O Rabb!

Islamic Education Overview

Islamic boarding schools are educational institutions that have been successful original print archipelago nation’s children and the superior quality for over 550 years. Islamic world is the world of sub-cultures within the Islamic tradition, the world is inherited, maintain, preserve, and develop sustainability Indonesian Islamic tradition that developed the scholars of the ages since the era of Wali Songo (Nine Saint). In pesantren nation’s children learn, understand, explore, live, impregnating, and practice the teachings of Islam by stressing the importance of religious morality to guide day-to-day life as a lifelong education.

Pesantren has been tested and is able to withstand all the reduction process and marginalization because in addition to having a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding community, schools are also able to develop themselves flexibly as part of a national education system rooted locality. Although since 1900, a period of introduction of the system of schooling – schooling system – by the Dutch colonial government, which followed the systematic efforts to marginalize, reduce, discredit, and humiliate boarding school as an educational institution that symbolizes backwardness, stagnation, stagnation and backwardness in all respects , but the fact remains that the schools still able to maintain its existence no matter what the circumstances of existence, even to the Dutch colonial government were knocked out of the Earth of Indonesia.

Global Islamic Education, is a phenomenon of Islamic revivalism of the original system are rural-based institution that has undergone a metamorphosis with modern science and technology into educational institutions are urban-based institution that is flexible to grow and develop following day, ie, as a boarding school is one of the IT-based program using the Online system, where generally pesantren Global still has the same elements with the pesantren salaf (traditional school), namely:
1.Manager consisting of Kyai, Ustadz (teacher), Santri (student), Management, Participant;
2.Means hardware such as computers, modems, laboratory, library, office, studio;
3.Means software such as curriculum, evaluation of teaching and learning, books, e-book, CD and DVD programs as a source of learning.

Basic Concept of Global Islamic School

Now we have entered the 21st century, the century of globalization is full of challenges, competition and cross-culture tend to be free. Century is in dire need of qualified human resources, which has a high intellect and spirituality as well as powerful personality, to be able to face the challenge, the competition and be able to pick and choose from the midst of globalization culture based on the principles of truth which he believed. Meanwhile, the creation of quality human resources as we expected is not as simple and easy as we think. To go in the direction it needed an education process with an integrated system from an early age, starting from early childhood education and kindergarten, the early childhood education and kindergarten education system integrated Islamic nuances which is a positive effort in order to prepare qualified human resources, which has a high competitiveness and akhlakul karimah future. This system combines global pesantren education system and develop children’s self equip students from the Science and Technology with an education system that provides the basis of Islamic morality that strengthen faith and Taqwa. The education system is a system of alternative education, which is expected to anticipate the negative effects of the current wave of globalization that will eliminate all of the identity of the nations in the world.

Based on the existing realities and in line with the spirit of reform and in order to join and participate in education in order to prepare human resources quality of Indonesia, which is the generation of the future hope of the nation, the future generations who have high intellect and spirituality, empathy, akhlakul karim, skilled, has the technology knowledge and global insight, and a good personality.


Development of global Islamic education in schools – from Islamic Kindergarten, Tutoring, Learning to Read and Write the Holy Qur’an, Hufadz (recitation) of the Qur’an, Islamic Primary School, Art and Culture Studio, until the Islamic universities – is a form of responsibility for the management of schools the continuity of the global generation of Indonesian moslem as well as a reflection of a belief, which is inspired by the words of Allah and the words of the Prophet Muhammad in order to prepare a successor generation as follows:

“God testifies that there is no true god but He, and the angels acknowledge Him and also those who have knowledge upright on justice (QS Ali Imron: 18).
“Read in the name of your Lord who made ​​man from a lump of flesh. Read and your Lord is very noble. Which teaches the kalam. Taught man what he did not know.” (QS Al-‘Alaq :1-5)
“Allah exalt those who believe among you and those who are given knowledge, some degree” (QS al-Mujadalah: 11).
“Say .. Is it the same among those who have knowledge and those not knowledgeable (QS az-Zumar: 9)
“He underwent a path to seek knowledge, Allah awarded him the way to paradise (Al-Hadith)
Education is the best inheritance. (Al-Hadith)
“Truly the angel stretched out sayapanya to the prosecution of science, with its willing to sign it (al-Hadith).
Best of gifts given by parents to their children is a good education. (Al-Hadith)
Educate your children, they were created to face another period of time you now. (Al-Hadith).

In general, the purpose and objectives of the development of Islamic education through learning programs conducted by the Global Islamic School Tarbiyyatul Arifin is:
1) Equitable learning opportunities;
2) Implementation of the Economical and Affordable Education by the entire community;
3) Flexibility implementation of the curriculum according to the needs of learners;
4) Improving the quality and quantity of moral education for students;
5) Relevance of education in the formation of Nation Building Character learners;
6) Effectiveness and efficiency of integrated education.

And in particular objectives of the development of educational programs in global boarding is basically the implementation of the curriculum designed by the Global Islamic School Education System, which is in line with the national education objectives, namely:

The purpose of National Education
National education aims at educating the nation and developed a complete Indonesian man, the man who is faithful and devoted to God Almighty and virtuous noble character, knowledge and skills, physical and spiritual health, stable and independent personality and a sense of civic responsibility and nationality (article 4 of Law No.. 2 Year 1989 on National Education System).

-Early childhood learning program conducted by RA Roudlatul Arifin Islamic Kindergarten
-Student-School Tutoring Program is implemented by the LBB Equator
-Learn to Read and Write Quranic Program conducted by Al-Barqy TPQ
-Development Program for Islamic Traditionaly Art by Jama’ah al-Banjari Hilyatul Arifin
-Studies Program for Philosophy, Logic, History, Social, Cultural undertaken by the group
of Tuesday Night at the boarding school recitation of  Pesantren Global Tarbiyyatul  Arifin

-Education and Development Studies carried out by the group Mysticism Recitation
of Friday Night at the Pesantren Global Tarbiyyatul Arifin Malang.
-Arts and Cultural Development Program conducted by Islamic Boarding School Culture or

  Pesantren Budaya Nusantara Online (Web & Blog).
-Development Program of Science, Knowledge  and Technology conducted by Pesantren Global

 Tarbiyyatul Arifin Online (Web)

-Islamic Primary Boarding School conducted by Madrasah Ibtidaiyyah Tarbiyyatul Arifin

Vision of Institute

Educating generations of Muslims through education in a creative, innovative, high quality, which produces output wise, pious, akhlaq al-Karim, creative, independent, patriotism, and national perspective in the global era.

Mission of Institute
– Achieve superior Islamic education, creative, innovative, motivating and creating an environment for comprehensive learning while playing, cultivates an atmosphere of active learning, effective, problem solving, contextual, role playing fun.
– Produce graduate pious and wise, akhlaq al-karim, independent, patriotism, empathy, and concern for humanity.
– Produce graduates who master Science, Knowledge and Technology, critical, creative, and be able to struggle the challenges of life as it has a stock of knowledge and skills to be the foundation to take further education, so that someday they can play an active role in the community as leaders of the community and the nation.